Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

I love books. That is one of the primary motivations for this blog and the ten (as of this writing) blogs which are digitally linked and entwined in one massive literary enterprise. Start your journey here or there and see where end up. You will find a large collection of classics organised by author. Check the author links in the right sidebar for easy navigation. Most ebooks are presented as embedded Scribd documents. This makes it easy to read the books without downloading anything or leaving the site. You also have the option of using the download link to acquire the ebooks in pdf or plain text formats. These can be used in many popular ebook readers.

This blog, in particular, will include many newer books, most of which are posted on Scribd by other people. I will also include comments and reviews. I may occasionally include documents written by myself and some of my acquaintances. The other blogs are mostly classic books in the public domain that I have personally compiled with internal links and navigation, as well as external links for further reading.

Please feel free to comment. I always enjoy hearing from other book lovers.