Saturday, January 30, 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of eBooks

eBooks are becoming much more user friendly. Although they can be harder to read than a traditional book, they offer many advantages in terms of portability, storage space, convenience and cost. eBooks save publishers printing costs and can make it easier for authors to distribute their work. It is often more convenient to download an ebook as a digital file than to purchase a book at a store or have one shipped to you.

Many people still prefer the reading experience of traditional books and may enjoy collecting them as a hobby. Traditional books have the potential of lasting much longer than ebooks due to the tendency of digital files to become corrupted over time. Traditional books also avoid problems of competing file formats and ebook reader technology becoming obsolete over time.

Despite their disadvantages, ebooks are benefiting from improved screen resolutions and other technological improvements. They are quickly becoming an important source of reading material for many people.

What do you think about the relative merits of ebooks verses traditional books? Feel free to leave a comment.