Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Helpful Hints for Viewing Scribd Documents

Feel free to just read the Scribd document or book on my site. You're my guest and I don't charge rent. At the extreme upper right hand corner of the document you will see a little tab that will allow you to toggle to the full screen mode for easier reading. If you would prefer to download a pdf or plain text version of the ebook for reading elsewhere, simply click on the Scribd link at the upper left corner of the document. This will take you to to the document's page at In the upper left hand corner, you should see a download link. (These options are not available for all documents.)

That's just the beginning. If you click on the more tab at the top of the document (while you're at this site), you will find numerous other options including sharing and embedding features. For Blogger blogs, you can easily embed a Scribd document by simply copying and pasting the embed code into your post editor.

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